Calm Any Anxiety You Have About A Treatment

Pro-Nox is an exceptional nitrous oxide delivery system that ensures you’re mentally and physically comfortable during your cosmetic treatments. Revitalize! CNY aims to provide the safest and most comfortable cosmetic treatments, and nitrous oxide sedation is a part of that experience. Most of our cosmetic treatments are painless and comfortable, but we do offer Pro-Nox sedation to calm your anxieties during your procedure. Please schedule an appointment to discuss your cosmetic treatments with Pro-Nox today.

What Is Pro-Nox?

Pro-Nox is a cutting-edge nitrous oxide delivery system designed to deliver 50% oxygen and 50% nitrous oxide — the ideal combination to alleviate your anxieties while keeping you conscious. Pro-Nox is a proven nitrous oxide delivery system, having been used for labor and delivery across the globe for decades. Revitalize! CNY has acquired the Pro-Nox system because we believe that you deserve the same level of care, consideration, and comfort.

How Does Pro-Nox Work?

Pro-Nox is delivered to the patient before and/or during your cosmetic treatment. It’s not necessary for the procedure, but is an option if you’re feeling anxious. You breathe the nitrous oxide gas through a mask and wait for the effects to kick in, which should take a few seconds. The nitrous oxide will provide immediate relief from pain and anxiety, ensuring optimal recovery. Unlike most other sedative options, Pro-Nox is highly adjustable, and the controls rest entirely with the patient. As such, you’re in charge of your own comfort during the procedure. Once the procedure is complete, you can stop using Pro-Nox for immediate recovery. Studies have shown that Pro-Nox is the ideal non-addictive alternative to traditional pain medications. The effects subside within 5-10 minutes after the conclusion of the treatment and you are able to drive home without lingering effects of traditional sedatives.

What Are The Benefits Of Pro-Nox?

Which Procedures Can I Get With Pro-Nox?

Pro-Nox can be used with all cosmetic procedures, including injectables, facial procedures, and body procedures. Pro-Nox can also be used for laser treatments, such as laser hair removal, spider vein treatment, skin tightening micro needling and skin resurfacing. All of these treatments are non-surgical, safe, and painless, but Pro-Nox fortifies your strength further to ensure an optimally comfortable experience. You can discuss your cosmetic concerns and goals with your provider to determine the ideal treatment options for your specific needs. The provider will inform you about the treatment’s safety features and the potential for discomfort. Based on that, you can decide if you want Pro-Nox before your treatment. Contact us today!
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