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At Revitalize! CNY, we are committed to guiding you on your journey to revealing the very best version of YOU. Our expertise is in providing you with options for a very natural and rejuvenated look that will not only help you to improve your reflection but will renew your confidence.

Regardless of how young and lively you may feel on the inside, the natural aging process often makes our reflection appear differently from our inner vitality. Revitalize! CNY is your med spa in Fayetteville and the Syracuse area aimed to help you to restore and retain your youth with groundbreaking anti-aging and skin care treatments. We take a collaborative approach to revitalize your beauty so that everyone will notice but no one will know.

Top-of-the-Line Injectables

You don’t need knives, incisions, and downtime to look younger… all you need are a few strategically-delivered injections in the correct spots. Relax your dynamic wrinkles with Botox and Dysport. Encourage collagen production, enhance facial volume, tighten skin, and fill out your lines with dermal fillers. Our providers will examine your skin concerns to identify the ideal injectable solutions for you with treatments that only take a few minutes and are ideal for those leading busy lives.

Stunning Facial Treatments

Revitalize! CNY provides a wide range of facial treatments to enhance your facial contours, giving you a younger and more vibrant appearance. All of us have unique facial concerns, such as skin laxity, wrinkles, inflammation, textural concerns, acne scars, etc. Our providers carefully examine your skin and discuss your concerns to curate the ideal facial treatments. We target the root cause of your concerns and will recommend the appropriate treatment to resurface healthy skin cells, taking years off your face.

We are a leading med spa Syracuse and Fayetteville clients rely on. Contact us today to learn more.


"Theresa has a very keen eye for helping you reclaim your natural self along with a staff who is completely enjoyable to be around. I never feel steered or overly 'sold' at the practice. They are wonderful!"

Dermatology At Its Finest

At Revitalize! CNY, our board-certified providers are experienced and certified in diagnosis and treatment of all dermatological conditions and also provide thorough preventative full skin cancer screenings. People suffer from various skin conditions caused by numerous underlying factors and with careful analysis and history taking, we are able to provide the ideal treatment plan. Whether you have acne, a rash, hives, psoriasis, spider veins, hair loss or other skin concerns, we are here to provide you with the best possible care with the most advanced and current solutions. There’s no need to feel self-conscious about your skin and there is no need to wait 3-6 months for a concern that you have today. Please call us to set up an appointment and protect the skin that you’re in. We participate with most commercial insurance plans as well as Medicare.


Laser Treatments

Revitalize! CNY med spa in Fayetteville is outfitted with the latest cutting-edge devices, including laser technologies. Our advanced laser techniques remove unwanted hair, smooth your texture, correct minor imperfections, tighten skin, tone your muscles, and give your face and body a contoured and defined look. Our laser technologies are suitable for all skin types and concerns. With non-ablative laser treatments, you receive benefits similar to complex surgeries, but without the incisions, complications, and downtime. We pride ourselves in being the first to offer new technologies. We serve as a resource for other providers in the industry and have been recognized as an industry leader and academic center for many laser companies.

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Body Treatments

Revitalize! CNY is a med spa in New York that has been recognized as the academic center for body contouring as we have the most experience in central New York with body contouring devices and procedures. We provide various body treatments to remove excess fat, tighten loose skin, and give you a toned appearance. Issues such as laxity of the skin, stubborn fat pads, and cellulite, which are stubborn to traditional diet and exercise, may have you feeling frustrated with your appearance. Our body treatments facilitate deeper structural changes in your skin, fat and muscle layers to make you appear more slim, firm, toned, and tightened with minimal to no downtime.

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Theresa Setter


Our Practice

At the forefront of Revitalize! CNY is Theresa Setter, a board-certified nurse practitioner committed to her patients’ overall wellness. She firmly believes that your outer self and inner self mirror each other — if you look younger, you also feel younger. She has worked with thousands of patients to breathe new life into their beauty by treating each with personalized care.

Revitalizing your true beauty involves an understanding of your unique skin concerns and expectations. During your complimentary consultation, we discuss your cosmetic goals and, together, we curate a personalized treatment plan. Our aesthetic treatments usually conclude within an hour, allowing you to resume your day with brighter and more vibrant skin. Schedule a consultation with one of our providers at our New York med spa to realize your beauty today.

Realize Your Beauty

Revitalize! CNY will be with you through every stage of your wellness and aesthetic journey. Our providers examine your skin quality and type to curate a long-term treatment plan to help you restore and maintain youthful beauty. We ensure that each treatment brings you closer to your ideal self.

If you’re ready to realize your true beauty, contact our med spa in Fayetteville and schedule a consultation to discuss your options today.

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