Pamper Your Skin After Your Laser Procedure!

face woman natural healthy cosmetic skinLasers are important to our everyday lives, and they are also an important part of vital medical procedures. They can also do amazing things for skin care – but there are some things you should know about caring for your skin after you have a laser procedure done. Read on for some more information about laser procedures, what they can do for you, and how to pamper your skin after your treatment.

How can lasers help my skin?

At Revitalize! CNY, lasers are used to remove the outermost, most damaged layers of the skin. This reveals the new skin layer underneath, which looks younger, smoother, and refreshed. Laser rejuvenation and resurfacing also stimulates new collagen to grow, which helps to tighten skin and reduce fine lines. A laser treatment can also reduce enlarged pores, minimize the appearance of blood vessels, and improve acne scars.

Laser rejuvenation and resurfacing is nonsurgical and noninvasive – there are no incisions or injections. It is suitable for all skin types, is not painful, and there is no downtime needed afterward to recover.

However, your skin may feel a bit uncomfortable after the procedure. It may look red and feel inflamed, as if you have a sunburn. You should avoid sunlight for a few weeks after your procedure, and when you do have to go outside you should wear sunscreen (even if you are just out in the sun long enough to walk out to your car). You should avoid strenuous activities, although you can get back to most of your other daily activities. You should also avoid washing your face with any harsh cleansers or exfoliants that might irritate the skin. You should also keep your skin moisturized – your skin care expert can advise you on the best product to use for this. Your skin will start to flake off after a few days, which is normal and necessary for the younger skin underneath to shine through.

Are you curious to see what lasers can do for you? They can do amazing things for skin – just make sure you pamper your treated skin afterwards. Contact Revitalize! CNY at (315) 251-1234 for an appointment today!

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