Contour your abs or lift your butt without surgery!

Revitalize! CNY is the first practice in the area to off EMSCULPT®, the first device that simultaneously treats both Muscle & Fat. We have performed over 100 treatments thus far and have been selected as the Upstate New York Academic Center for BTL Technologies to train other physicians on EMSCULPT®.

EMSCULPT® is FDA approved and builds muscle & disrupts fat cells at the same time. This non-surgical body contouring treatment forces muscle contractions causing muscle build and the release of free fatty acids, actually imploding fat (adipose) cells and allowing a patient to achieve an abs or buttock workout equivalent to performing 20,000 crunches or squats in just a 30-minute session. No other device uses high intensity focused electromagnetic energy to create a positive change in the shape of the body. It is painless & effortless to perform and can be added onto other treatments that patients are already utilizing. Plus, no other technology has yet to show changes in muscle tone, a KEY part of our well being and physique. Visit Revitalize! CNY to learn more about the latest in non-invasive, fat-reducing and muscle-toning technology!

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Reduce stubborn fat with a clinically proven, FDA-cleared, non-surgical treatment.*

*Results may vary.

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