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Revitalize! CNY Facial Treatments

Facial treatments use specially-curated products and components to exfoliate your skin, tighten your skin pores, remove textural anomalies, and smoothen your skin’s surface. Whether you have wrinkles, skin laxity, pigmented spots, sun damage, rosacea, acne scars, or other textural problems, you can find facial treatments for your specific needs.

The skincare experts at Revitalize! CNY carefully examine your skin type and skin concerns to recommend the ideal facial treatments. Please schedule a consultation to discuss your options for professional facials in Fayetteville and the Syracuse area.

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Revitalize Signature Facial

Revitalize Signature Facial is a nourishing facial treatment composed of vitamins and polypeptides that invigorate all skin types. During the treatment, a gentle and soothing facial massage delivers the chosen products deep within your skin’s layers to improve your overall complexion and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Consequently, your skin looks vibrant, hydrated, and healthy.

Sensitive Skin Facial

The Sensitive Skin Facial is specifically designed for patients with sensitive skin due to rosacea, acne, or having undergone a procedure. It uses gentle and soothing antioxidant products to reduce inflammation and redness while reversing the signs of aging. As such, the Sensitive Skin Facial improves your skin quality and reverses aging to give you smoother, brighter, and younger skin.

Clinical Acne Treatment

The Clinical Acne Treatment is specifically designed to regulate your body’s sebum production and oil balance to minimize acne breakouts. It also includes anti-bacterial properties that prevent acne breakouts due to the p.acnes bacteria. The treatment includes salicylic and glycolic acids, exfoliation of the skin’s surface, and a clarifying mask to soothe irritated and blemished skin.

Revitalize! Illuminating Facial Treatment

Revitalize! Illuminating Facial Treatment is the ideal facial for all skin types and skin concerns because it exfoliates the uppermost layers of the skin, revealing the smoother, brighter, tighter, and younger skin underneath. As such, this facial treatment rolls back years of skin damage to give you a revitalized and dynamic appearance.

This facial treatment includes deep pore cleansing, a gentle DermaSweep to remove the dead skin cells, light extractions from your clogged pores, the application of an exfoliating enzyme to remove the epidermis, and a vitamin C masque that makes your skin appear firm and taut. The Revitalize! Facial treatment is ideal for anti-aging purposes.

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Men’s Signature Facial

Men’s Signature Facial is an hour-long facial treatment specifically designed to address unique skin concerns common amongst men. However, each individual has unique skin concerns and skin types, so this facial treatment is also left open for modification according to your unique skin concerns. It soothes, hydrates, and protects men’s skin from hazardous environmental factors, giving you smoother, tighter, and healthier skin.

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Revitalize Signature Back Treatment

Revitalize Signature Back Treatment is a brilliant treatment that ensures muscle relaxation, improves blood circulation, and encourages healing. The treatment soothes you on a deeper level and promotes relaxation, improving your aesthetic appearance and mental peace. It includes cleansing, warm steam treatment, exfoliation to remove the dead skin cells, and a refreshing masque treatment to give you firm and toned skin.

Clinical Acne Back Treatment

Clinical Acne Back Treatment is specifically designed for people with acne breakouts and acne scars in the back. It’s a light peeling solution applied to the back to exfoliate the uppermost skin layers and unclog the pores. Once the pores are cleansed, extractions are performed to clear the skin, and soothing products are used for anti-inflammation and rehydration. The treatment gives you smooth skin free from acne scars and irritation.


Dermaplaning is a quick and painless procedure wherein the dead skin cells from your skin’s surface are manually scraped off your skin. The procedure is non-invasive, painless, and concludes within a few minutes. You don’t even need downtime or an extended recovery period. Dermaplaning gives you smoother and even-textured skin with improves skin cell turnover, improving your overall skin complexion.

Dermaplaning is incredibly effective against acne scars, clogged pores, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmented spots, sun damage, etc. It’s suitable for all skin types and concerns, without any medical contraindications or restrictions. Unlike most other facial treatments, it’s also suitable for pregnant women because it doesn’t involve chemicals. Besides the dead skin cells, dermaplaning also removes the peach fuzz hair on your face.

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Dermasweep, MD

Dermasweep is one of the latest skin rejuvenation techniques used for overall facial enhancement. This treatment gently lifts the skin’s surface as the micro-resurfacing device removes the epidermis, giving you a deep exfoliation without chemicals. The treatment increases blood circulation and collagen production to give you smoother and tighter skin.

After shaving the epidermis, the treatment involves an infusion of topical solutions that minimize acne breakouts, hydrate your skin, stimulate collagen production, and provide other benefits. Dermasweep is the ideal treatment for people with age lines, wrinkles, sun damage, pigmented spots, hyperpigmentation, melasma, textural irregularities, surgical scars, acne scars, and stretch marks.

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